Category: Social media
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 167


Tango is a mobile Android utility that combines the functionality of a live streaming service and a messenger. It is possible to make calls with the use of video communication. The interface of the platform is fully translated into Russian.

Personal account

The online service offers several ways to create a personal profile. A person can use a Google or Facebook account. It is also possible to register with a mobile number. In any case, the user will get full access to the social platform. At the beginning of using the program, a person will be offered to choose what types of content he is interested in. For example, the user is able to indicate as favorite topics handicrafts, communication on various topics with chat, music and much more. Based on the information received from the user, the social platform will form a feed with individual recommendations.


In the tab with the feed a person can find a large number of streams from different authors. The user is allowed to start watching any of the broadcasts available in the service. If desired, a person can communicate with the author of the stream through the viewer chat. The user can start his own broadcast at any time. It is worth noting that the functionality to launch streams becomes available if the user has allowed the program to use the microphone and camera of the device.


The program provides an opportunity to correspond with other participants of the service. Especially for this purpose, the utility has a system of group and personal chats. It is also possible to make calls through the application.


  • Compatible with the latest versions of the Android system;
  • Social platform for communication and streaming;
  • Free download of the utility and its use;
  • Presence of a feed with personal recommendations;
  • It is possible to call other users;
  • You need to make a personal profile.
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