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NetCapsule VPN

NetCapsule VPN
Category: VPN
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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NetCapsule VPN is an Android app that allows you to access blocked resources. It also provides high anonymity of work and data encryption. The use of modern technologies provides maximum access speed, even if the intermediate node is located in another country.


The application allows access through a virtual private network. In this case, all requests to the end server will come through the intermediate node, which provides the change of IP-address. An additional layer of encryption is also used to increase the overall level of data protection. This provides a sufficient level of protection, even when working through a public access point. The catalog offers a large number of servers that are located in different countries. You can select the desired region, for example, if the service works only in this country. Next, you need to activate the connection and wait for confirmation. After connection, information about the selected server and statistics are displayed. There is an automatic mode in which the application independently finds the optimal server for connection. This allows you to ensure the maximum available access speed.

Additional features

Additional tools for speed optimization are provided. The function is relevant for online games that are sensitive to this parameter. High ping makes the game less comfortable, as there are noticeable interruptions. In some cases it is simply impossible to play. A free DNS proxy is built in, which allows you to protect personal data from leaks. The developers emphasize that the user's personal data is not saved on an external server. At the same time, reliable encryption allows you to work even through public networks.


  • large selection of servers;
  • automatic and manual connection mode;
  • simple interface;
  • speed optimization mode;
  • additional data encryption;
  • free download.
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