Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Falou is an Android application that allows you to learn foreign languages. Pronunciation training is supported, a convenient learning mode is used - a set of tasks with intermediate testing. The complexity of the tasks is adapted to the current level of the user.


After launching the program, you need to select a language from the list of available languages. There are quite a lot of them, including Turkish, Spanish and Swedish. Next, the purpose of training and the current level of proficiency are specified. This allows the application to optimize the learning scheme. It is recommended to create a personal account, which will allow you to get a number of additional features, including saving progress. In addition to the standard account, a quick login using a Google profile is supported.


The learning process uses a familiar scheme. The user needs to memorize new words and learn to pronounce them correctly. The built-in algorithm is able to analyze the user's pronunciation, adding hints if necessary. The built-in microphone is used for recording, the corresponding rights are requested after installation. Many lessons are based on typical life situations, which makes memorization easier. For example, there are lessons about shopping in a store, situations on the street, and so on. All teaching materials are created with the involvement of native speakers. All the features of the current term are indicated. Points are awarded for each completed task. The service allows you to publish your achievements in the general rating, competing with other participants. You can track the current position, getting additional motivation.


  • independent learning of foreign languages;
  • pronunciation training;
  • you can participate in the general rating;
  • free download.
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