Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 109


2Space is a software tool responsible for creating duplicates of various utilities, including video games and messengers. Some features of the utility are blocked in the free version. The program displays advertising content.

Program cloning

The main purpose of the utility is to form copies of a variety of software. Thanks to this, the user gets the opportunity to make cloning Facebook , VKontakte , Skype classmates, Artstation, Twitter, Telegram or any other application. The previously mentioned functionality can be extremely useful if a person wants to use several accounts in one program. Not all utilities support the simultaneous application of multiple profiles. If such a possibility is provided, the way of switching between accounts may be inconvenient for the user. Therefore, the toolkit of this program provides a solution to this problem.

Additional options

The user is allowed to restrict the ability to enter the application by installing a graphical key or a security code. In this way, a person will be able to prevent a third party from launching the utility. The user can pay for a premium subscription. After that, new functions will be available to the user. For example, a premium user can use the mode of quick switching between copies. Also, the purchase of a subscription disables all advertising content.


  • Free access to the basic tools of the program;
  • The presence of Russian-language localization of the text;
  • It is possible to form copies of various applications, including Viber;
  • The utility is fully compatible with modern versions of OC;
  • Switching between copies is carried out through the notification bar;
  • There is an option to protect the program by means of a graphic key or a security code;
  • Advertising banners are displayed in the interface of the utility.

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