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Photo Resizer

Photo Resizer
Category: Photograph
System: Android 2.3.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 126


Photo Resizer is an Android application for resizing images, batch mode is supported. Other editing tools are provided, it is possible to change EXIF content. The program is optimized for mobile devices and provides high speed.

File selection

The built-in explorer is used to search for source data. You can select several images at once for batch processing. The next step is to customize the conversion. The new size and quality are specified, the default proportions are preserved. The program allows you to specify the size in pixels or percentage of the current size.

Tools for processing

The program allows you to improve the clarity of your pictures after conversion. Experienced users can go to advanced settings that provide more options. Using a separate option, you can save the original EXIF metadata. At the final stage, the picture can be rotated to a certain angle, displayed, cut out the desired area. All additional tools are located on a separate panel, hints are provided. The program allows you to share a new version via messenger or social network, all available platforms are displayed in the form of icons. By default, modified versions of files are saved in a separate directory. Settings allow you to change this path, saving to a memory card is supported. All available features and interface description can be found in the help section.


  • batch image processing is supported;
  • EXIF saving function;
  • additional editing tools;
  • the ability to publish a file to a social network;
  • free download.
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