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GPS JoyStick

GPS JoyStick
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 120


GPS JoyStick is a software tool that has a function to change the coordinates of the location of a portable gadget based on the Android system. Thanks to this, the user is able to trick various Internet sites, utilities and video games. The functionality of the program can also be used to gain access to software that works in specific states.

Setting up the program

Before a person can manually specify the location of the portable device, he will need to perform a number of actions. First of all, the user will have to open the parameters of his gadget and activate the developer mode. Next, the user should give the mobile program the right to send fake coordinates. When the above actions are completed, the user will be able to open the software and start selecting the desired coordinates. This can be done in two ways. The first involves placing a virtual marker in a specific location on the electronic map. The second method allows you to print the exact coordinates. It should be noted that the program itself has a detailed instruction on how to set it up. The interface of the utility is fully russified.

Creating routes

The mobile utility has an additional tool. With its help, a person is able to build a route on an electronic map, after which the application will transmit data about the movement of the portable device. In this case, the user does not have to move at all. The program simulates the movement of the gadget in automatic mode.


  • Ability to replace information about the location of the portable device;
  • The program works correctly on modern versions of the Android system;
  • Allows you to form dummy routes;
  • Convenient Russian-language interface;
  • Free download of the utility and its further application;
  • Availability of built-in instructions for setting up the mobile program.

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