Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Cointainer is an Android application that is a special tool. It is intended for the formation of virtual spaces. They allow you to run several copies of one utility or game at the same time. The virtualization tool performs the task of creating isolated spaces for work.

Virtual containers

After the installation of the application, you need to select ARC files for further virtualization. They should be added to the list of installed utilities. For each copy, its own container is formed. Its icon is not visible on the desktop and in the main menu. To switch to a running copy, you should open the Cointainer utility and select a specific application of interest from the list that appears. Virtualization allows you to easily pass authorization in the social network VK from several accounts and then perform a quick switch between them. Each of the copies is completely isolated from the others. Therefore, when switching between separate accounts, there is no need to re-enter the password and login each time.

Cointainer settings

The application allows you to manage a list of virtual utilities. You can add new ARC files and delete unused ones at any time. You can specify the amount of memory for the virtual container. Various tools are available to manage permissions. Each copy can have its own accesses. The application has not been updated for a long time. This led to the fact that on the latest versions of the OS in some cases there are certain problems with the performance of the utility.


  • Free use;
  • Ability to create virtual containers;
  • The presence of the ability to run two or more copies of the same application;
  • The principle of functioning is based on the use of VirtualApp.

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