Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 122


Banuba is a mobile utility that provides users with a toolkit for creating creative images. There is an extensive collection of filters, masks and more. Some of the content is opened after purchasing a subscription.

Utility functionality

With the help of the program, a person can create creative photos. Especially for this purpose, the mobile application has a built-in catalog with visual effects, filters and masks. To create an image, the user should give the utility permission to use the camera built into the portable device. Then the person will have to choose a mask, effect or filter. Among the masks available in the mobile utility are: old wise man, vampire, policeman, cook, superhero, grandmother, astronaut and so on. The developers of the utility are constantly replenishing the collection with new content. After the user creates a picture using a visual effect, he can save it in the storage of a portable gadget. In this case, the application parameters allow you to select the exact location for storing content. Also through the mobile program you can quickly send the image to messengers and social networks, including Instagram и Telegram

premium content

Some content is available to the user from the very beginning of using the utility. Some masks can be unlocked for watching advertising videos. However, a considerable part of the content can be obtained only if you have a premium subscription. If desired, a person is able to try out paid masks by taking advantage of the demo period. It lasts for one week.


  • Ability to use a variety of masks and filters when creating images;
  • Correct operation on a large number of mobile system versions;
  • Free access to some of the content available in the program;
  • There are promotional videos that disappear after purchasing a premium;
  • The application has English interface text;
  • You need to give access to the device's camera;
  • You are allowed to choose a folder to store the created pictures.

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