Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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KUTO VPN is an Androi-application that allows you to bypass website blocking with the help of VPN technology. It provides reliable data encryption and anonymity. Manual selection of the required server and additional security settings are available.

Server selection

After launching the program, the algorithm determines the optimal connection settings and selects the VPN server. The speed and time of access to the node are analyzed. For correct operation it is necessary to allow the program to manage active network connections. After the mode is activated, a key icon is displayed on the notification panel. This symbolizes that all data is transmitted through a secure channel. Even if an intruder is able to intercept the data packets, he will not be able to decrypt them. A separate section displays information about the VPN server, as well as operation statistics. The volume of transmitted and received data is indicated in real time. To disconnect it is enough to press the button again.


It is possible to specify the applications that will access the network via VPN. After activating the option, it is enough to check the checkboxes against the required programs. Automatic activation of the protected mode when the device is turned on is supported. The utility works correctly with various networks, including Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G. A separate section allows you to customize the features of working through a proxy server for different sites. All this allows you to pre-form the necessary configuration of parameters for the operation of the smartphone. For example, bypass blocking for a particular site, for other resources use the standard mode.


  • selection of a specific server is available;
  • configuration of applications that should work via VPN;
  • reliable encryption is used;
  • free download.

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