AT Player

AT Player
Category: Recording
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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AT Player is a simple application with which a cell phone user can listen to music and other audio files. The utility provides access to a convenient player, inside which there is an equalizer and other convenient features that can simplify listening and improve the quality of the music played.

Track selection

AT Player allows you to listen to music from two different sources. First, users can start playing music files that are stored on the internal memory of the smartphone. A separate menu is present for this purpose, where selection is made from folders within the smartphone itself. At the same time, the user can easily create playlists, add songs to quick access and so on. All this allows you to make a single customization, and then listen to the most interesting content with convenience. You can also use AT Player to listen to music from YouTube. In this case, the main page of the player will display recommendations, the most popular content and so on. You can also add tracks from cloud storages for playback, but they will require a constant internet connection, just like Youtube video hosting.


There are 2 additional handy tools that can be used to recognize the track and also to improve the sound. You can use the equalizer to improve the sound. Music recognition is performed with the help of a microphone. This way you can recognize the name of the track that is playing from an unknown source.

Main features

  • The program is designed as a simple player;
  • You can listen to music from internal memory, Youtube, as well as cloud storage;
  • There is an equalizer and recognition of tracks from external sources.

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