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Category: Services
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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MyAlliance is an application that has been created specifically for the users of the Uzbek bank called Asia Alliance Bank. With the help of the utility, one can access services in online format.

Transfers and Payments

Like most other banks, MyAlliance allows you to make a wide variety of payments. From the most popular - paying utility bills, recharging your cell phone, paying for online services and so on. Separate tabs are present for all these, which allow you to make payments more conveniently. MyAlliance also provides access to managing your accounts. So, users will see the amount of available money on their account, send it to other cards, accept international money transfers and so on. Of course, there is online lending and making deposits. Note that the described bank allows you to store money in different currencies.

Account management

After downloading the application, you can go through the authorization procedure, after which you can start to fully manage all your accounts. The user can close and open new cards, transfer finances, take loans, create deposits, buy and sell currency. For all this, there is no need to visit a physical branch of the bank, as the online version provides access to absolutely all possible functions. There is also a separate tab that provides access to reading the latest financial news. This may be necessary for those who are active in the field of banking and finance.

Main features

  • The program provides access to all the functions of the Uzbek bank Asia Alliance Bank;
  • You can make consumer payments of any format;
  • You can manage your accounts as in a branch, but in online format;
  • To get access to all functions, you will need to pass verification;
  • There is a tab with news.
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