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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Chakana is a utility that was created by a bank in Uzbekistan called AGROBANK. The main function of the utility is to enable users to make really favorable purchases in online format from any convenient place.

Online shopping

Chakana utility performs the function of something like an online store. Here there is a convenient catalog in which you can find the goods you need for yourself. Thus, the store sells electronics, household appliances, home goods and much more. The most interesting thing is that the prices in this store are quite low, if you compare with competitors. At the same time, the catalog can be sorted to spend a minimum amount of time on the search. Thus, sorting will be carried out by price, brands and technical characteristics of the product. Among other things, the catalog allows you to find similar products in a special selection or see photos of the products you are going to buy.


To start the purchase process, simply add the item to your favorites and begin the checkout process. To do this, enter your shipping address and follow the payment procedure. You can also track the price change of the item if the purchase is not required right here and now. Payment is done in two different ways. You can simply provide your bank card number and details to make the payment. There is also the possibility of buying on credit, for which you can use additional features of Chakana. Note that the credit limit will be determined by the bank user account, which was mentioned earlier. After the payment is made, you can request the delivery. To do this, simply specify the region and residential address. Features of receiving the goods will be possible to learn inside the described application.

Main features

  • The program is designed to purchase goods inside AGROBANK Uzbekistan;
  • The store sells appliances, electronics and household goods;
  • Payment is possible by card or credit;
  • Delivery is carried out all over Uzbekistan.
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