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System: Android 5.0
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BitTorrent is an application that is a client for downloading torrent files. Due to its convenience and fast performance, this client is one of the most popular tools. If you plan to download a large amount of data from the Internet to your smartphone, installing BitTorrent is simply a must.


BitTorrent works according to the classic protocol of torrent trackers. That is, data transfer is carried out using the P2P protocol . Its peculiarity is that the data is stored not on a single server, but on smartphones, computers and servers of ordinary users. And even when blocking/deleting data from one source, there are dozens of others. Due to the peculiarities of the protocol, you can download data of any size, format and content. Also note that BitTorrent gives you the opportunity to save mobile traffic by disabling the ability to download data from the mobile Internet. In this case, when disconnected from Wi-Fi, downloading will continue only after reconnection.


Downloading files can be started in different ways. The easiest is to paste a link to a torrent file from your browser. But you can also find it using the built-in search. This will help you download the file if you haven't found the exact source for downloading it. After adding a file to your downloads, you can see its download status. This way, the user gets to track the progress and also see the speed of the current download. If you use the auto-start feature, downloading and distributing all files will be restored after the smartphone starts up. But you need to realize that the background work of the torrent application can negatively affect the battery.

Main features

  • The application allows you to download torrent files to your smartphone;
  • Search is performed in the browser or inside the utility;
  • There are settings to save traffic;
  • You can set autorun utility.
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