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3D Surround

3D Surround
Category: Players
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 166


3D Surround is a music software that is distributed on mobile devices based on the Android operating system. With its help, you can listen to any music tracks. In addition to playing songs, can perform a number of other manipulations. For example, everyone will be able to impose surround sound effects and manage audio recordings in the internal storage of the smartphone. In general, the mobile client contains a lot of settings, so the user can perform various tasks with media content.


The main page consists of the music assortment. It contains tracks that are stored in the internal storage of the phone. The software gives the opportunity to sort files by various parameters, including genre, artist, album and so on. In addition, users can create personal playlists and search for music using filters. The application has a built-in audio player, thanks to which you can play not only music, but also videos. It has the usual functions that allow you to perform different actions with the video. For example, it can be rewound and stopped.


The interface contains a lot of possibilities to customize the track and change the type of its sound. For example, you can use the virtual 3D, surround 7.1 modes and adjust the sound amplification for different frequencies. Thanks to the customization settings, you can choose the theme of the player design and the appearance of the components. In addition to the above, you can add effects depending on the use of headphones or speakers to achieve different types of sound.


  • Ability to download the software for free on android phones;
  • excellent music player that plays a variety of tracks;
  • the ability to apply numerous effects;
  • extensive functionality.
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