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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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GoneMAD is a music application specially designed for Android devices. With its help, you can listen to musical compositions in a wide variety of formats. To realize this goal, the developers have built in an equalizer, sound balance correction and many other functions. You can also adjust the frequency properties of the sound and use the tag editor, which can change the name of the song, artist name and other metadata. In general, the software is pleasant to use, as it has a concise design, comfortable navigation and intuitive.


When the software is launched, you need to give access to the file manager of the gadget. Then it is required to perform a scan of the internal storage to find songs. The application groups tracks automatically according to several filters. These include album title, artist name and genre. Moreover, everyone will be able to sort audio by various criteria.


A huge advantage is that users can create personalized playlists and choose the optimal playback mode for tracks. The utility allows you to find the lyrics of songs and display them on the display, as it is integrated with a specific platform. In addition, there is a built-in sleep timer, thanks to which you can stop listening to a preset time when it expires.

Additional features

The software includes a multifunctional equalizer, which gives you the ability to adjust sound frequencies. For example, you can adjust the balance or boost the bass, as well as change the tempo of a music composition. In general, the functions are quite a lot, so you can play various manipulations with audio recordings.


  • The utility can be downloaded and operated on a free basis;
  • excellent music player with a huge amount of functionality;
  • the ability to make personalized playlists;
  • presence of a built-in equalizer.
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