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System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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VeVe is a specialized application that can be installed on gadgets that function on the android platform. Its main purpose is to allow users to collect three-dimensional figurines of various characters. It is also possible to create a virtual reality showroom by applying the corresponding innovative technology. This is a development of the virtual collection service of the same name, so you can rely on the safe operation of the utility. Thanks to it, you can buy figurines of heroes online. For example, you can take possession of characters from anime, video games, comics, TV series, etc. Problems with mastering the menu should not arise, because it is as accessible as possible to understand.


To operate the mobile client, you need to register in it. To perform this task, you will have to specify your e-mail address, login and date of birth. Then you have to choose the brands that you like the most. Examples include back to the future, DC direct, adventure time and many others. After that, the list of available heroes will appear on the main display. You can familiarize yourself with the proposed collection, which is characterized by extensiveness. Each individual hero has its own description, so you can study it in detail.

Augmented Reality Technology

The presented software supports the above mentioned innovative technology. With its help, you can create a virtual showroom right on your own gadget and share your assortment with other users. It is also possible to realize digital tours and zoom pictures.


Some three-dimensional characters are limitedly released. In order not to miss rare characters, you can set up sending alerts.


  • A popular virtual collecting service where you can buy digital 3D figures of various heroes;
  • the ability to exchange characters;
  • support for augmented reality technology.
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