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Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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NaturalReaders is an Android program that allows you to get high-quality voiceovers of text materials. It supports multiple languages, including Russian, Swedish and English. It is compatible with text documents in DOC, PDF and DOCX formats.

Text dubbing

This utility has an advanced algorithm responsible for generating natural voiceovers for various text. To access it, the user needs to create an account. You can do this by entering and further confirming your e-mail. It is also possible to authorize through a Google profile. Before adding material, a person needs to choose the language in which the text will be voiced. Among the available options are Portuguese, English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, German, Italian, French and a number of others. Next, the person will be offered to choose a voice. For example, the Russian language has two options available: Tatiana and Maxim. The last thing that the user will need to do before generating audio material is to specify the emotionality of the voice. For example, the user can enable whispering or make the voiceover cheerful.

Files and camera

The user can upload a text document to the application, provided that its format is one of the following: DOCX, PDF or DOC. The user is also able to receive text voiceover through the camera of the portable gadget. It is enough to point the lens at the inscription in the real world.


Created audio files are saved in the built-in library of the mobile program. If desired, they can be downloaded to the memory of the device, deleted from the list, sorted by different criteria and so on.


  • Access to a neural network responsible for generating high-quality voiceovers;
  • Many languages are supported, including Russian;
  • Free download and application;
  • Support for new Android versions;
  • Allowed to translate captions through the camera.

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