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Surprise Me

Surprise Me
Category: Services
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 138


Surprise Me is an information program dedicated to notable places of various cities. This utility can be used as a full-fledged guide. The virtual excursions presented in the software are paid. The interface of the utility has a full-fledged Russian-language localization.

Personal profile

The ability to use the program appears only after creating an account. You can do this by using social network profiles or entering a mail address. Among the registration options are:After creating a personal account, a person gets full access to the features of the mobile utility.


The software has virtual tours for many cities. These include: Moscow, Kaliningrad, Orenburg, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Novosibirsk and many others. Most of the content is focused on the populated areas of the Russian Federation. The user only needs to specify the desired city, and then the utility will show a list of available excursions. All excursions available in the program must be purchased for money. Their cost is indicated in the form of four-digit numbers. The user should not worry that the price of excursions is so high. The last two digits in the cost represent cents. Therefore, if the program indicates the price of 1253 dollars, in fact the cost is only 12.53 dollars. Before buying a virtual tour, the user can study the opinions of other members of the platform. The user is also allowed to read a detailed description of the proposed excursion.


  • Ability to purchase virtual tours;
  • Correct functioning on new versions of the mobile system;
  • All excursions available in the application are paid;
  • Russian-language text of the interface;
  • Reviews of other users are available;
  • Most of the excursions are dedicated to Russian cities.
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