Access Dots

Access Dots
Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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Access Dots is a small cell phone application that is required to provide additional security to the user. If audio or video recording is being used right now, the app will show a corresponding indicator. This will help to know if the device is hacked and starts surveillance.

Spy Search

The main function of the program is just to simply turn on the corresponding indicator in the notification panel when the camera or microphone is working. By itself, this information is of no use, since many applications use the microphone for voice input and so on. But with the help of this indicator, you can spy on an unfamiliar utility whose functions are not initially related to recording material from the camera or microphone. If the indicator lights up while using such a program, it indicates the presence of a spy. The same can be said about cases when the indicator starts working on the desktop or while surfing in the browser. To start this program, you do not need to perform any registrations or settings. In the special features tab of your smartphone, a new service called Access Dots will simply appear. Running it will activate the very indicator with which you can check third-party programs for spyware. At any time, the service can be disabled if it is not required right now.

Main features

  • The program is designed to check programs for spyware;
  • Launches the indicator when the smartphone's camera or microphone is in use;
  • The indicator can be enabled through the special features tab in the settings;
  • It is not necessary to configure or register within the described utility to use it.

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