Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 89


FunLab is an application that has a lot of functions aimed at entertainment. Thus, with its help you can find out the sex of the future child, process any photos, as well as take psychological tests for better knowledge of yourself.


First, users can take a quiz. It is divided into many topics, in which you need to answer individual questions. Such entertainment will help not just to pass some time, but also provide an opportunity to improve thinking. It all depends on how interesting the topic is to you.

Emotion Planet

Thanks to the Emotions Planet function, the user can take psychological tests to find out about their emotional state. It can be just a standard entertainment, or a way to learn about your emotional stability. Note that the tests may differ in their direction, as well as require the performance of different tasks. As a rule, to perform them, you just need to select certain pictures according to a given criterion. After passing the test, the utility will automatically identify emotions, and also give some advice on how to improve your emotional state. The program provides the function of saving the result for further posting in social networks.

Paid features

Most of the FunLab features are free, but some of them will need to be opened by purchasing a paid subscription. You should start your interaction with the free features, they are enough for most users.

Main features

  • The program allows you to have fun by processing photos, taking psychological tests and so on;
  • All entertainment is divided into different tabs;
  • Most of the functions are free.

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