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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Centrepoint is a mobile application that functions on Android phones and tablets. Through this application, users are able to make online purchases. The functionality of the program is available to residents of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and a number of other Middle Eastern countries. The interface of the utility is available in Arabic and English.

Catalog of goods

After launching, a person will need to select the country of residence. Among the available options are the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. Next, the user will discover a vast assortment of various products from different companies. These include: Jack Jones, Lifestyle, Shoexpress, Casio, Vero Moda, Babyshop, Anotah, Adidas and many more. For the convenience of the user, all the products available in the assortment are divided into a number of thematic groups. This allows you to separately view clothing for women, cosmetic products and so on. Within each group of goods there are subcategories. Each product presented in the mobile application has a separate page with the indication of price, brand and so on. Also, each item has images.

Buying goods

To purchase a particular product, a person needs to add it to a virtual shopping cart. Then the mobile utility will allow you to enter the information required for a successful purchase. The user can also make a delivery by entering the necessary address. For the first purchase, the program provides a discount, which is equal to ten percent of the cost of the order placed by the user.


  • Online service for purchasing various goods;
  • The program is available to residents of Middle Eastern countries, including UAE and Bahrain;
  • Full compatibility with a large number of Android versions;
  • Allowed to arrange shipping;
  • A variety of promotions are available, including for the first order;
  • The service interface is available in two languages: English and Arabic.
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