Category: Working with iOS devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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pp25 allows you to install free applications on iPhone and iPad that are distributed on a paid basis. The program was created by Chinese programmers and allows you to install paid applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. pp25 is used as an alternative to iTunes. You download programs and games to your mobile device. The program has several additional tools and features. The program is in a foreign language, but it is russified for easy and convenient operation. There is no English language support in pp25, so in the original version you work in Chinese. The interface is designed like on most apps, so you can click from memory, but it is better to use the Russian version of the app.

Installing apps without Jailbreak

This program is suitable for those who in no way install a "jailbreak" on the mobile device and do not want to spend money on applications in the AppStore.This method is very convenient and simple. You will not have to buy applications and games for your mobile device from Apple developers. After connecting your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB cable, you choose the necessary program or game in the store, using the search in different languages, and install the application. A little practice and understand where to click, and then install applications in the iPhone without investing money. Install the game or program and select the desired interface language. Most apps on the iOS platform have their own language packs of different countries. The platform specifies the Russian language, and in the apps also standardly work on the Russian localization. In applications with English localization, the installation follows the same scheme.

Mobile client

When you install the application through the "pp25" client, it will be automatically installed on the device. By logging into it, you get access to the "market" without connecting to a computer. The computer version of the application will be useful only once, when you install it for the first time. Subsequent installations of applications and games are carried out through the pp25 mobile client.

Key features

  • installation of paid iOS applications on jailbreak-free devices;
  • application shell on Chinese without (no Russian version);
  • installation of applications and games through the mobile client;
  • compatibility with common versions of Windows;
  • the application works after connecting the mobile device via USB cable.

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