FF Tools

FF Tools
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 204


FF Tools is a program responsible for improving the performance of Android gadget in a video game called Garena Free Fire. The functionality of this utility is primarily suitable for users who have weak tablets and phones. The application has advertising content.

Purpose of the application

The software was created to improve the gaming experience of users whose portable devices do not cope well with the previously mentioned video game. If in the process of playing an entertainment project, the user has problems with low frame rate, then he should use this application. Also, the software toolkit can be useful to users with powerful gadgets who want to reduce latency during matches.


This utility is able to work only if the above-mentioned video game is present on the device. In its absence in the memory of the portable device, the user will not be able to optimize the game process. Also, the program will not be able to interact with the parameters of the video game if the person has an older version of the entertainment project. The first thing a player should turn on the program, and then he will be able to change the parameters of the online game. The utility gives the opportunity to reduce the load on the processor and RAM of the tablet or phone. Also through the application allows you to reduce latency, change the sensitivity of different types of weapons and much more. It is worth noting that since the program makes changes to the files of the video game, the user has a chance to get a blocked game account. Therefore, the creators advise to play in the status of a guest.


  • Free utility to improve the operation of the video game Garena Free Fire;
  • Ability to reduce the load of the portable gadget;
  • There is a chance of blocking the game profile;
  • Support for modern versions of the Android mobile system;
  • Allows you to change the appearance of the head and hands of the game character.
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