Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Scribbl is an application with which users can quickly and easily add various effects to videos and images. With a few taps you can apply the effect you are interested in to the source, and then save it in the smartphone memory. For more convenience, there is a function to automatically export pictures and videos to social networks, bypassing the need to save and reload the material.

Brush customization

The main trick of Scribbl is to provide the ability to paint effects with brushes. That is, the basic animation in the app is to apply special lines on top of a video or photo that come to life when the source material starts moving. This works with pictures as well, it's just that they turn dynamic. Thanks to the ability to apply lines in any order and use personalized brushes for this, users can have a real masterpiece. All it takes is a little practice and understanding of exactly how the algorithms impose animations on the drawn lines. After that, it will be possible to create unique animations for your sources in a few minutes. There are also some additional features, such as looping or delaying the effect.


You can also work with much more classic effects and filters. In this case, just select the desired option and place it on the photo/video in the desired location. Such personalization takes even less time. The library of effects can pleasantly please.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to process photos and videos using a smartphone;
  • You can use simple filters and effects, or special brushes;
  • Brushes work on the principle of chaotic animation, which can be applied independently;
  • There is a serious personalization, allowing you to create really unique works.

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