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CENO Browser

CENO Browser
Category: Browsers
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 128


CENO Browser is a browser that can be installed on a mobile device running on the Android operating system. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to download media content, visit web pages and find out the latest news. In addition, users can save information for authorization and create bookmarks to save the necessary web portals. The application applies the principle of disposable networks to display web content. With this, it is possible to bypass online censorship and watch resources that are blocked in the country. Few browsers can offer similar privileges, which is why this mobile client has gained widespread adoption.

News content

The main distinguishing feature of this program is the presence of an option to cache news from various sources. Due to this, you can explore different points of view on the same events that are happening in the world. You can also customize the news feed and create bookmarks for the resources that users visit most often. In addition, this tool helps to access sites that have been blocked on the territory of the country by the state.


With this software, you can search for information on the Internet and download media files. If desired, you can select the most suitable search engine, which will be applied by default. One of the most useful features is the ability to save the history of pages that have been dedicated by the user. This browser was specially created with the possible blocking of the Internet in mind. The information of all sites is in the public domain and placed in the cache. In addition, the use of peer-to-peer networks minimizes data transfer costs. Users can protect themselves from being tracked by enabling anonymous browsing mode.


  • Open source browser that helps access blocked resources;
  • Ability to read news from a variety of sources;
  • ability to save logins and passwords for simplified authorization on sites.

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