Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Road24 is a special program for gadgets running Android. Through its use it is possible to receive data on personal fines from the Road Traffic Police. Thus, citizens of Uzbekistan can learn the relevant information and pay fines online. And at the same time it is not necessary to personally visit a banking institution, which is very convenient. It is worth noting that the software is official and is designed for those who reside in Uzbekistan.

How to authorize?

To fully use the software, you will need to pass authorization. To realize this task, you will need to specify certain data. For example, it is necessary to record information about insurance and the last technical inspection.

Details about fines

The presented web product provides data on fines. It is possible to study detailed information regarding their accrual. For example, users can see illustrations from the place of violation, the number of the resolution and the amount of the fine, as well as the article of law regarding the violation made.


The app sends notifications about fines that have been accrued. To make it more convenient to pay them, you can attach a humo bank card. Due to this, it is possible to deposit funds from the software itself. After payment, users receive a receipt that will be stored inside the program. In case of anything, it can be shown to the gubdd staff.

Additional information

The software has a category where background information is located. There are traffic rules and the main types of fines, as well as data on road signs and markings. In the same section you can also learn where to pass technical inspections.


  • Ability to pay traffic fines for residents of Uzbekistan;
  • possibility to receive notifications about new fines;
  • possibility to attach a bank card for convenient payment;
  • possibility to use the application for free on android devices.

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