Category: Social media
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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SwapMap is an Android utility that acts as a mobile client for the social network of the same name. It allows you to follow the location of users from your friends list. You can schedule meetings with people. Available function for publishing various content, including videos.

Scheduling meetings

First of all, the user will need to create his own profile. If desired, you can transfer the account information from the YARUS service. This will allow you to save personal information from the platform, which is currently not functioning. The main feature of this service is the ability to publish plans for a walk, visiting a restaurant and other activities. After a user posts his proposal for a joint pastime, other participants of the online platform will be able to apply for participation. The program is able to provide assistance in choosing a way of pastime. The social platform analyzes a person's activity and interests, and then displays a list of future activities. At the same time, the service also takes into account the current location of the user.

Other functions

The online service has a tab with a map. On it, a person can find noteworthy places near him/her. In addition, on the map it is allowed to write personal opinions about different places and establishments, as well as to read reviews of other participants of the online service. In the social network there is a functionality responsible for the placement of various content. Thanks to this user can publish videos and pictures. Other users are able to view the content posted by a person.


  • A social platform that allows you to plan a variety of events;
  • There is a function to transfer information from the closed service YARUS;
  • Guaranteed work on the latest versions of the operating system;
  • Russian-language interface text;
  • Allows you to track the location of friends;
  • The system of personal recommendations is realized;
  • It is possible to post videos and images.

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