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Zoom for Intune

Zoom for Intune
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Zoom for Intune is an Android application that allows you to start online conferences. Video mode is supported, and there is a built-in chat with a file-sending function. Administrators can customize access mode and authorize other users.


The program can be used in various directions - webinars, work meetings, amateur chats and so on. All the necessary tools are provided to differentiate access. In the program settings, you can specify the mode of connection of new users. For example, it can be a closed site with access after approval. In all cases, a special link is used for connection, which should be sent to users in any convenient way. There is a function of joint screen management - this mode is relevant for working on one project. All users have the ability to control their microphone and mute the sound. Available tools are collected on a separate panel to simplify work.


To fully utilize the application, the Intune Portal utility must be pre-installed on the device. This provides a number of additional features, including the ability to quickly authorize using a Microsoft profile. Functions are implemented to protect personal data. If a mobile device is lost, the administrator can remotely delete confidential data and work files from the device. There is a convenient scheduler that allows you to create a working schedule for conferences. When adding a new record, you can immediately configure the notification mode.


  • full conferences can be launched;
  • built-in chat;
  • file sending and screen sharing mode;
  • flexible administration settings;
  • free download.
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