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Category: Recording
System: Android 9.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 334


Playground is an Android application that allows you to add additional graphic elements to your photos and videos. You can add an arbitrary caption or find a suitable sticker in the catalog. Quick addition of various interactive elements is supported.


To access all the features of the program, you need to pre-install the official Google services for augmented reality on your device. It is also worth considering that not all smartphone models support this mode. It is recommended to clarify this information in advance in the description of the smartphone.


The app allows you to access a catalog and add emoji, stickers, and smileys in capture mode. When you use animated characters, they can react to external influences. You can also add the right emoji to your video. This allows you to give uniqueness to an ordinary video and make it stand out among other content on the social network. For easy navigation, all content is divided into categories. It can be animals, cartoon characters, famous personalities and so on. The search mode and adding to favorites are supported. Standard gestures are used for navigation, all elements are accompanied by a brief description m. All currently available options are displayed on a separate panel. In the help section you can find all the necessary information. The technologies used, device requirements and limitations are described. There is a selection of recommendations for working with the catalog. If there are difficulties in the process of customization, you can contact the developer through the main menu.


  • extensive catalog of graphic elements;
  • virtual reality support is required;
  • interactive elements are available;
  • free download.
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