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Magic Earth

Magic Earth
Category: Maps
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 147


Magic Earth is a free program that can be used on Android phones and tablets. The utility acts as a navigator with a huge number of detailed maps. The application can be used without a network connection. There are several options for displaying electronic maps.

Virtual maps

After launching this utility, the user will be able to select regions and countries. If desired, any map can be downloaded to the storage of the mobile device, after which it will be available without an Internet connection. It should be noted that the application has maps of many countries, including Cyprus, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Denmark, Russia, France and Italy. All the maps available in the mobile utility have several display types. Among them:
  • Terrain;
  • Standard;
  • Satellite;
  • Satellite and Terrain.
Additionally, the user is allowed to select different layers. For example, the user can enable three-dimensional models of buildings, weather effects, traffic jams and so on. It is worth noting that some layers are available only if there is an Internet connection. Also on the map you can view the names of natural objects, streets and so on.


It is possible to build routes through the program. When creating a planned path of travel, the person will see the approximate time it will take to get to the final point of travel. The program takes into account not only the distance, but also the method of travel. Including the utility is able to calculate the time when traveling by buses and other public transportation.


  • Huge collection of detailed maps of many states and localities;
  • Free installation and application;
  • Presence of Russian-language localization of the interface;
  • There are data on traffic jams, weather and more;
  • Support for a large number of Android versions;
  • It is allowed to download maps to the memory of a portable device.
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