Category: Social media
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 76


GETTR is an interesting software solution that is a platform for communication. This social network is designed to share opinions, with all internal rules based on freedom of speech.


Since we are talking about a social network, you will need to create your profile first. Basic registration will require a minimum amount of time, as the user will simply need to enter a login, password, date of birth and provide an e-mail address. This will already be enough to gain access to the features and their page. A GETTR page does not differ much from other social networks. You can add personal information, photos and much more. For more honest communication, it's worth providing truthful information, but you don't have to fill out a profile. Remember that all of this can help when interacting with other users.


The exchange of opinions is done by means of publications. You can post your own text or video publications. The maximum length of a video can be up to 3 minutes. A text post can have a maximum of 777 characters. A distinctive feature of GETTR is that there is no censorship. Users can express unpopular opinions on any topic, which becomes a subject for serious discussions. You can add other people's posts to your wall by reposting them, as well as subscribe to other users. This will help to get access to their publications as soon as possible.

Main features

  • The application is a social network style platform;
  • Registration requires minimal data entry;
  • You can publish text posts and videos;
  • Text and videos have duration limits;
  • User can repost other people's posts to their wall;
  • You can subscribe to other users.

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