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System: Android 5.0
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Avtobys is an application designed specifically for residents of large cities in Kazakhstan. With its help, you can pay for transportation cards to get access to public transportation, as well as track its movement. Thanks to the utility, it will be much more convenient to use public transport interchanges.


To gain access to all internal functions, users will need to undergo an authorization procedure. To do this, simply enter your cell phone number, while confirming it. You will also need to select a city from the drop-down list. Right on the registration page you can find out if your city is on the list. Right now the developers are actively engaged in the development of the program, and therefore its functions will be extended to other cities.


With the help of a permanent connection to the Internet, you will be able to track the movement of all public transportation within your city. Note that the connection to the network must be good enough to avoid bugs or delays in updating data. Additional features can also include paying for tolls and transportation cards, viewing your history, and keeping track of changes to transportation routes that may occur from time to time.

Balance and payment

In order to recharge transportation cards online, you must first link them to the application. You will also need to link your bank card, which will be required for instant top-up. Note that you can link not only your own cards to the program, but also the cards of your relatives. This will allow you to provide the whole family with convenient travel from one device. If you want to pay for one fare, it will be possible to do it by means of QR code.

Main features

  • The program is designed for the use of public transport in Kazakhstan;
  • You can track transportation, its routes and so on;
  • There is a convenient statistics on fares;
  • It is possible to replenish transportation cards inside the utility.
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