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X Photo Editor

X Photo Editor
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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X Photo Editor is a program with which you can perform the simplest possible photo processing. For this purpose you can use simple effects.


This application is quite expensive, you can only use it based on a subscription model. There, a year of use will cost $84 dollars, while a monthly subscription is available for $13 dollars. The developers stipulate that the user will be able to test the features for free for three days. But you can get access to the X Photo Editor utility only after you provide your bank details. After three trial days, the program will automatically charge you for the annual subscription. You can avoid this only if you manually cancel the automatic renewal.


The program provides access to several interesting functions at once. First, you can change a person's face by placing a photo in its place. This procedure is performed in real time. You just need to launch the camera and then point it at the person's face. All changes are performed automatically. Also, while taking a picture of a person, you can apply a few additional effects to him. For example, there is an opportunity to age his face, overlay on top of various effects and much more. Note that to perform all these functions, you need a relatively powerful smartphone, which will be able to perform processing in real time. Otherwise, playback freezes will be possible.

Main features

  • The program allows you to impose various effects on people who are filmed with a smartphone camera;
  • All effects are applied in real time;
  • You can access the features only after paying a paid subscription;
  • There is a trial period, but it is available only after entering bank data.

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