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Oldify Camera

Oldify Camera
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 175


Oldify Camera is an entertainment utility for devices that run Android. Its main task is to age a photo using filters. This will allow you to show the user how he will look in his old age. It should be noted that the software is humorous, so do not take what you see seriously. The application gives you the opportunity to scan and artificially age your illustration. To do this, you need to upload a photo from the gallery or make it with the camera. It will quickly process the image and show the finished result.


This utility not only changes the contours of the face, but also corrects the skin, hair, and adds expression lines, according to the selected age. A special filter is applied for all age categories. Thanks to this, it is possible to trace the changes in appearance that are expected at a certain age. This web product does not guarantee accuracy and is for entertainment purposes. You should not take the resulting images as a real prediction of how the user will age.

What should be considered?

You can view already finished photos for free in this software, but they can only be opened after purchasing a license.

How to save?

You can save the finished results to the internal storage of your mobile device. They can be shared with other users in messengers and social networks.


  • The software can be downloaded and operated free of charge on android devices;
  • you will need to purchase a license to view and save aged photos;
  • free trial period that lasts for 3 days;
  • quests and games can be completed in the main interface.
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