IT Network

IT Network
Category: Social media
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 82


IT Network is an Android software designed for Russian it workers. With its help it is possible to exchange personal work experience, search for job vacancies and discuss the latest news in the relevant field of activity. This is an ideal environment for IT workers, where they can express themselves personally and look for like-minded people. The interface is characterized by simplicity and brevity, as well as easy navigation. The utility itself can be downloaded for free to phones that run on the basis of the listed OS.


To use this software, you need to register. It is required to do this by the mobile number of the Russian cellular operator. The user will need to specify certain personal information about himself, including full name, position and place of work. This information is not verified, but the number is confirmed by a verification code that will be sent by SMS. In the created account you can add various information about yourself, including date of birth, photos and so on. You can also add job description and work experience, professional skills. The app will report on how much the account will be filled in percentage.

Search for like-minded people

In this mobile client, you can make posts and chat in text chats. Due to this you can find like-minded people and add them as friends. It gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe from communities and authors who are not of any interest, so that you do not see their publications in the feed. You can put comments and likes under posts. You can also share posts on social networks or via messengers. In the job category you can see vacancies for it-specialists. You can also publish ads or respond to an existing one.


  • excellent service, which is designed for Russian it-specialists;
  • opportunity to find a job;
  • the ability to publish posts and correspond with like-minded people.

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