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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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EasyCast is software that allows you to stream content from your mobile display to your TV. It allows you to show presentations, illustrations, videos, and other media content. The application scans the external environment, detects the TV and connects to it. There is nothing complicated to operate the software, so there will be no problems in mastering its capabilities. The interface is in Russian, due to which domestic users will quickly get used to the process of use.

What are the requirements?

In order for the utility to fully work, you need to make the right connection. It is necessary that the TV and the mobile device were in the zone of one Internet connection. The TV unit must support DLNA and it is necessary that VPN is disabled on the phone.


During the first use of the software, it searches for the device that is in the nearest access zone and shows them on the display as a list. All the user needs to do is to select the TV that will broadcast the corresponding content. Then you should tap on the file that is intended for playback. Examples of such files include presentations, photos, videos, music and so on. To start the broadcast, you need to click on a special button. The whole process is conducted in real time. The software gives you the ability to control everything that happens on the screen. That is, you can rewind, increase and decrease the volume, as well as realize other actions. A huge advantage is that the user can simultaneously use the mobile gadget for other tasks.


  • the ability to download the mobile product completely free of charge;
  • a tool for broadcasting the phone display on the TV;
  • wireless network support;
  • possibility to use media content of any formats.
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