Baby Care

Baby Care
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Baby Care is a useful program that allows you to track your baby's development. Its main task is to remind you to perform necessary procedures, keep statistics on teething, sleeping and feeding, and many other similar tasks. Thus, you can monitor the child's health and notice any problems in time. The software can be used not only by parents, but also by nannies. The menu is characterized by intuitive clarity, comfortable navigation and concise design, so no one will have any problems with mastering the capabilities of the application. It can be downloaded for free to mobile devices that run on android.

Diary management

The presented mobile client gives you the opportunity to enter information about a baby or several children, and then keep notes about them. You can record mood, teething, feeding regimen, medical and hygienic manipulations, sleep. Physical data such as weight and height can also be entered. You can attach pictures of your own baby and recordings of his voice. Content can be shared with friends via messengers and social networks.

How can I view statistics?

The utility has a category where you can view statistics. There are feeding, diaper changing, sleep, temperature and teething schedules. With the help of another tab you can monitor the growth and weight of the child. You can compare the available parameters with those recommended by WHO.

Additional data

This software allows you to back up the information stored in it. You can also set up timers and reminders, so you don't miss procedures and keep track of other important aspects.


  • Tools for keeping a diary of your baby with pictures and voice recordings;
  • Ability to track the baby's development and other parameters;
  • keeping statistics;
  • Ability to save backups.
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