Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Astronym is an entertainment software that offers a daily horoscope viewer. It is about lunar options and zodiac signs. It includes testing that allows you to check compatibility in different areas of life segments. The presented vkb product can be downloaded on gadgets that run on the Android operating system. Everyone will be able to watch astrological forecasts on a daily basis and perform many other interesting manipulations. The menu is in Russian and is characterized by a laconic design. Due to this, many users like to exploit the software purely because of the visual component.

Menu and functionality

The application has an intuitive menu with comfortable navigation and structured sections. To start using it, you need to enter the day of your birth. In this way, the program will determine your zodiac sign and will be able to issue the corresponding forecasts every day. The category that includes the solar horoscope is categorized on several pages. And the lunar horoscope, in turn, is made, depending on the actual phase and includes recommendations regarding what you can do on this day and what you can not. One more section is responsible for compatibility. To get it, you need to enter your date of birth and your other half. Due to this you can determine how compatible people are with each other.

Additional features

Horoscopes that have been received, you can send to your own friends through social networks or messengers. In the parameters, you can improve the appearance of the application by changing the image in it. This can only be done after viewing the advertisement.


  • The ability to use the software on a free basis;
  • excellent solar and lunar horoscope for each day;
  • the presence of commercials;
  • the ability to take a test that determines compatibility.

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