Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 96


Shpok is a software for android devices that allows you to buy and sell a variety of things. To make it more convenient to search for commodity units, you can use a special search engine and numerous filters. This is an official development from the ad service of the same name, so you can rely on the safety of the operational process. Here you can sell things, appliances, furniture, home goods and many other products. If you like some thing, you can always contact the author of the ad and ask him questions. This software is characterized by intuitive understandability, so there should be no problems with mastering the software.


To use the presented service, you need to create a personal profile. To realize this task, you need to specify certain data about yourself, including an e-mail address and a password. In addition, you can authorize yourself in a faster way, namely with an existing profile on Facebook after that, users can proceed to the full operation of the software. In the service, you can search for the necessary products by category or name. For example, the utility presents such sections as services, auto parts, recreational goods, children's things, clothing and accessories, and much more.


Each user can study the illustrations and description of the offered product unit. More data about the condition of the goods and their prices. The application allows you to add an ad to your favorites to save your favorite product. You can also share it with friends. To contact the seller, you need to go to the text chat. Users can reserve a product unit, and in this case the ad will be removed from the publication.


  • Ability to use the software for free on android gadgets;
  • a popular platform in which you can publish various ads;
  • the ability to sell and buy things.

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