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Wonder Me

Wonder Me
Category: News
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Wonder Me is a small entertainment utility, which can be useful for a fun short time for built-in functions. Thus, with the help of Wonder Me the user can find out his destiny, learn about his future child, see the future aging with the help of photos and so on. All results are given with the help of built-in algorithms for processing incoming data. Note that the program performs a purely entertaining function, and therefore do not count on serious answers. One of the functions uses artificial intelligence to process user data. You need to upload your photo to the program, which will show your face. The utility, based on a variety of factors about aging will be able to process the photo in such a way as to add 20 years to your appearance. Since artificial intelligence data is used for processing, the photos turn out to be very realistic, if only in terms of appearance.

Predicting the future

To start the algorithm of reading the future, you need to put your palm to the smartphone screen. After that, the scanning process will start, which is performed in the form of a separate animation. After a few seconds, you will see a prediction with a certain message on the screen, which will be individual for each scan. This method of entertainment can be great for use in a noisy group of friends.

Main features

  • The utility is designed for entertainment;
  • Possesses artificial intelligence that can age photos with the image of a person;
  • There is a reading of the future with elaborate animation and funny predictions;
  • All features are not serious, they are designed only for shortening time alone, or in the company of friends.
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