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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Najot is a free Android program designed for victims of domestic violence and those who have witnessed such incidents. The app has a list of important numbers, a collection of tips and much more. In addition, the program allows you to seek online counseling. The utility's functions are available to people located in Uzbekistan.

Emergency assistance

One of the key options of the utility is the presence of a button that should be pressed when an emergency situation arises. Activating this feature causes a request for help to be sent to several contacts. The message sent by the application displays information about the current location of the victim of violence. A list of numbers must be compiled in advance in a special section of the software. The person is also allowed to change the content of the message sent. Through the program it is possible to ask for online advice from a lawyer, doctor or psychologist. To request advice, you need to click on the appropriate menu item.

Other features

Thanks to the utility, the user can study reference materials that help to learn about the laws related to domestic violence. Also in this section there is a selection of useful tips on the correct actions in a difficult situation. The program is equipped with a list of phone numbers. By calling one of them, a person will be able to contact the help center. It should be noted that there are separate centers for each region of the state.


  • The utility can be used by users residing in Uzbekistan;
  • Free application functioning on many OC versions;
  • Ability to quickly get help in case of domestic violence;
  • It is allowed to restrict the launch of the utility with a password;
  • Allowed to send a request for help to trusted persons.

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