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System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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CarBit is a utility designed specifically for car diagnostics and repair using software tools. It can only work with modern cars that have an electronic control unit. A smartphone is connected to it via a special connector, after which you can read data in real time. In addition to reading data, the program can also offer manual error correction.


The electronic control unit reads data from numerous sensors, which store data on their operation and make it available to the user. Thus, it is possible to see graphs of various systems of the machine at any time, with the help of which it is possible to determine its condition. In addition to reading and diagnostics, some parameters can be eliminated independently, without interfering with the mechanical part of the machine's operation. All because many car models allow you to customize the operation of their systems through the electronic control unit. Thus, for example, you can adjust the gasoline pump, fans, cooling, gas distribution system and so on. Specifically utility CarBit is designed to work with Europeans, Americans and Japanese model after 1996. As noted by the developers of CarBit, while using the application to debug your car, all the consequences for making changes to the system fall on you. It should be taken into account that the software will work most correctly with Mitsubishi brand cars, other brands may encounter certain problems.

Main features

  • The program is designed to read data from the electronic control unit of the car;
  • You can obtain diagnostic data or debug machine program systems;
  • All information is displayed through informative graphs;
  • Works with 30 brands of machines.
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