Altyn Bilim

Altyn Bilim
Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 179


Altyn Bilim is a utility developed for mobile devices running Android and comes as a learning platform based on the books in the series of the same name.


Just like ASTAR, the presented utility gives the user access to educational multimedia material. But the main thing to remember is that you can use the application if you have a printed edition of the series itself - you just need to copy the QR code from the dictionary, using the scanner and the camera of the mobile.


The application will allow each student to repeat the previously passed lessons and materials, to consolidate them - the utility will teach to pronounce words correctly, to learn the translation of this or that word into English. Also in the application itself there are video clips containing explanations of teachers of complex moments and questions. To quickly memorize a certain new word - you can use pictures containing the translation into Russian/Kazakh. You can also listen to how the word itself sounds and repeat it correctly after the assistant. To master new material - it is worth scanning the corresponding code from the printed edition of the educational series.


  • Downloaded and subsequently used for free;
  • The application is used to get open access to training materials and manuals;
  • It is important to scan the code from the books included in Altyn Bilim's special learning series;
  • The user can listen to how this or that foreign word sounds;
  • The application is designed for students in Kazakhstan, they are also open to them and video clips, which provide an explanation of the topics;
  • The utility is compatible in operation with every current version of Android.
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