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Chocofood kz

Chocofood kz
Category: Services
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Chokofood kz is a specialized software for Android, which is designed for residents of Kazakhstan. In it, you can order a variety of food without leaving the house. The application presents a huge list of cafes and restaurants that are available in the country. For example, you can order pizza, sushi, burgers and many other dishes. You can also track the location of the courier on an interactive map. The menu is characterized by an attractive design and easy navigation, making it a pleasure for users to use the utility. It can be downloaded and used on a free basis.


To fully exploit the service, you need to give permission to access the location of the phone and enable the GPS tracker. You can also manually specify the delivery address. Then the list of restaurants and cafes that are available in the utility will appear on the main page. To make it more convenient to search for the desired food, it is categorized into several sections. As their examples, there are sushi, burgers, oriental cuisine, homemade dishes, Georgian cuisine, desserts and so on. Everyone will be able to study the menu in detail and add their favorite dishes to the cart for further ordering. In a separate section you can get detailed information about discounts and promotions that are currently in effect.

How to order?

In order to order the relevant product units you need to be authorized. To do this, you need to specify an up-to-date mobile number. You can pay for delivery in the application itself, linking a bank card to a personal account. If desired, you can track the courier on the built-in map online and choose the most convenient delivery time.


  • service, which gives the opportunity to order dishes from establishments operating in Kazakhstan;
  • the ability to familiarize yourself with the dishes and pay for the order using different payment systems;
  • the ability to read reviews from other users about catering establishments.
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