Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 93


23TV is an entertainment product for devices that run on the Android platform. It includes a huge variety of media content that can be watched online. As its examples, you can see series, movies, TV shows, cartoons and much more. You can not only view them, but also leave a personal opinion, which formed after viewing. All content is available in professional and high quality, which is very important. Thanks to this approach, users can really enjoy the process of viewing.


This is an official development from the Uzbek platform of the same name. With its help, you can watch series, TV shows, movies, cartoons, concerts and much more. To find the content of interest, you can use sorting by sections. The utility presents such genres as melodrama, action movies, detectives, comedies, horror and so on. You can also search by title, if you need to find something specific.


To use this software, you will need to authorize or create a new account. To accomplish this task, you must provide certain information about yourself. For example, you need to write your age, name, phone number and password. The mobile client has a video player, which demonstrates high picture quality and a lot of settings. Each movie has detailed information that any user can study. These include the premiere date, country of production, rating, description, etc. In addition, you can read reviews from other people and leave your own opinion. The content you like can be added to a special folder in order to view it later. Immediately it is worth mentioning that most films are available exclusively under a paid license.


  • the ability to watch series, movies, concerts and other content online;
  • availability of a player;
  • the ability to install the program for free on android devices.

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