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Lingokids is an Android-based software where the process of learning English is done online, in an easy and accessible game form. Lingokids is oriented to the easy form of teaching English to preschoolers, as well as students of primary school group, who have simple language skills, and without it. And from any language level that can be set in the app. Parents can supervise the learning process, help their child to create a profile, as well as to choose the level of learning, to form an individual schedule of lessons. At the same time, you can set a reminder not to miss the next exciting lesson.

Creating a profile

During the registration process, it is important to enter your e-mail address and personal Facebook profile data - on the basis of these data an account is created and a subscription is connected. As for the subscription payment - the cost of it will be charged after a 7-day trial period, provided free of charge. The parental profile will not only allow you to control your child's learning process, but will also give you access to learning materials. In the child's profile parents can specify his/her age and name, as well as the level of training.


The learning process is playful - the child learns the alphabet and basic vocabulary, the basics of modern English grammar, and all this within the framework of an interactive lesson. The training program does not provide homework for the child. More than 60 topics are presented for introductory purposes, plus Lingokids features mini games, printables, and playful creative activities to earn achievements and bonus points.


  • The app is free to download;
  • If you make a comparison with a similar program Duolingo - Lingokids has no advertising spam;
  • Parents should create a personal profile for their child;
  • The period of free use is a week, then you will have to subscribe;
  • The application is developed and presented on the basis and with the use of Oxford Oxford University teaching materials;
  • Compatible with all current Android versions on the market.
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