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8Bit Photo Lab

8Bit Photo Lab
Category: Photograph
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 130


8Bit Photo Lab is a mobile picture editor that works on many versions of Android. There is an extensive selection of filters, fonts, and more. There is a tool responsible for changing the saturation of colors.

Application interface

After turning on the program, a person will see the menu. Through it, you can add the necessary picture to the editor. If desired, the user can create a picture with the camera of the mobile gadget, and it will immediately appear in the application. Also in the main menu of the utility there is an option that allows you to send the picture to other people in messengers and social services, including Instagram , Telegram и Facebook in a special section of the program, the user can study reference materials. With their help, you can familiarize yourself with the tools and interface of the mobile utility.

Editor capabilities

With the help of the editor available in the program, a person is able to work with pictures. Among other things, the mobile utility allows you to adjust the saturation of hues, contrast and other parameters of graphic content. If necessary, the user can crop the image, removing unnecessary areas from it. The software also gives the ability to add text inscriptions. When creating them, the user is allowed to choose the size of characters, their color and font headset. The main feature of the mobile editor is a built-in catalog with several dozen filters. Most of them allow you to give the picture the atmosphere of old computers and game consoles, including ZX Spectrum, NES and Atari. In addition, the utility has filters that add glow, scratches and more.


  • Easy-to-use image editor;
  • Huge catalog of various effects;
  • Free download of the editor and its use;
  • Full support for a large number of Android versions;
  • Availability of reference materials to help you master the functionality of the utility.

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