Grid Diary

Grid Diary
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 100


Grid Diary is a program that acts as a multifunctional diary. It allows you to answer prepared questions, thus analyzing your life. You can make plans and create reminders. There is a section with an electronic calendar.

Personal Diary

The main function of the software is to keep a personal diary. In this case, a person can not only create his own notes, but also answer various questions that appear in the utility every day. By answering the questions of the program, a person can analyze his current life and think about his goals. For example, the mobile utility can ask about plans for the next day, good deeds done and much more. The total number of questions available in the program exceeds a hundred. They are related to various topics, including relationships and work. If you wish, you can create your own questions. They are automatically added to the general collection of the software and can later appear in the diary section.

Other features

The software is equipped with an electronic calendar. Thanks to it, a person can make plans. To do this, all he has to do is click on the desired day and enter the planned event or action. Thus, the user can leave a reminder of the upcoming trip to the movies, the end of the work deadline and so on. The utility has a collection of quotes from famous people. The statement displayed in the program changes every day. An interesting feature of the program is the ability to download reminders and notes to the storage of a portable device. In this case, the user is allowed to choose the format in which the content will be saved. Among the available file extensions is PDF.


  • Russian-language interface text;
  • It is possible to create notes and answer daily questions;
  • Free installation of the utility and its further application;
  • There is a tab with an electronic calendar;
  • Correct functioning on most versions of the Android system;
  • The program shows a new quote every day;
  • Allows you to create reminders about different events;
  • There is an opportunity to download your records and save them in the device memory or cloud storage.

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