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Task Changer

Task Changer
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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Task Changer is an Android application for managing active processes. You can switch to the desired application and force unload background processes to optimize the load on RAM. It is worth considering that the program is designed for mobile devices from the Samsung brand.

Working principle

Many applications leave active processes even after shutdown, although they do not perform any functions. They can accumulate and slow down the device, consuming resources. The application is a task manager that allows you to centrally manage such processes. Disabling is carried out in automatic mode, special skills or manipulation of settings are not required. Such applications can be used when you need to run a resource-intensive game or program. Closing processes allows you to provide more resources, speeding up the work of the program or making the game process more stable.

Process management

During installation, the program does not create a new icon on the desktop. To access the new functionality, you need to open the standard panel with the list of active processes. You can terminate all processes at once or go to a specific application for further deactivation. To launch the option, it is enough to press the corresponding button. A brief instruction on working with the application is provided. The available settings and features of work are described. There is an opportunity to send an appeal to the developers.


  • convenient management of active processes;
  • quick switching between windows;
  • the standard panel of active processes is used to access the functionality;
  • function to close all background processes;
  • only Samsung devices are supported;
  • free download.
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