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Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 160


NaSamocate is a program that allows users to rent electric scooters. New users receive a welcome bonus. Hourly and per-minute rates are available. The company's services can be used by residents of several Russian cities, including Ryazan and Lipetsk.

Start of use

Access to the service is opened after registration. The user needs to enter his mobile number and his name. Then it will be necessary to confirm the phone with a special code. Preparation for the use of the program is completed by giving her access to geolocation.

Renting electric scooters

Various electric scooters can be rented via this utility. You can see available vehicles on the map built into the application. If a user clicks on any electric scooter, he can study its characteristics, including the battery charge level. To rent a vehicle, a person should make a reservation. After that, the electric scooter will disappear from the card of other users. The rent of the vehicle starts from the moment when a person scans the QR code. It is located on the handlebars of the electric scooter. It should be noted that there are two tariffs in the service. One of them offers payment for each minute of a trip. Such tariff is suitable if you need to overcome a small distance. The second tariff plan allows you to pay for every hour of the trip.


After creating a personal profile, the user will immediately receive a welcome bonus, which is equal to thirty rubles. In the future, with frequent use of the company's services, the user can receive new bonuses.


  • A program that allows the user to rent an electric scooter;
  • Full compatibility with many versions of mobile OC;
  • Built-in map showing the location of free transportation;
  • The service is available in a number of Russian cities, including Lipetsk;
  • There is a bonus system.

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